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Our Values & Culture

We believe in people as a competitive advantage.

We strive to find the best people from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures, facilitate their success by giving them the knowledge and training they need, and then recognize and celebrate their outstanding performance. Products and technology aren't enough to stand out in our business—it's our employees that make the difference; people who are more talented, more motivated, and more committed to providing exemplary service. We believe our employees will outshine the competition every time because they care more than our competitors do. This is the core of our culture.

People as a competitive advantage is our approach to hiring, compensation & benefits, and everything in between. It's the starting point of every decision we make. When our people are in the right jobs, spending time on the right things, managed well, feeling good about their contributions, fully using their skills and learning new ones, and having fun—they'll do right by our customers. When they're properly incented, rewarded, encouraged, and recognized—they're even more satisfied with their jobs, provide better service and produce even better business results. This generates more revenue—which results in greater profit—which is good for everyone involved!

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